Director of Institutional Compliance - Vanderbilt University

Director of Institutional Compliance

Working Title: Director of Institutional Compliance

Home Department: Risk and Insurance Management (RIM)

Position Summary:

The Director of Institutional Compliance is part of the Risk and Insurance Management team at Vanderbilt University and is responsible for promotion and development of Vanderbilt’s compliance program. This position develops Institutional compliance program elements, monitors compliance liaisons, and identifies policy concerns. Reporting directly to the Senior Director for Risk and Insurance Management, the University Director of Institutional Compliance works with liaisons from all departments or other units with compliance responsibilities.

The Director of Institutional Compliance will develop Institutional compliance program elements and implement the Compliance Program Plan. The Director of Institutional Compliance will ensure that departments and other units are aware of their compliance responsibilities and monitor developments in compliance, particularly in higher education compliance. The Director of Institutional Compliance will work with university compliance liaisons and Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees responsible for compliance through an Service Level Agreement to ensure that their compliance responsibilities are being met. The Director of Institutional Compliance will identify compliance issues and bring them to the attention of the appropriate compliance liaisons and, when necessary, university leadership.

About the Work Unit:

The Risk and Insurance Management (RIM) team is responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of the university’s comprehensive insurance program and for directing risk management processes in collaboration with other university departments to assure persons and assets are appropriately protected. The team works with all levels of Vanderbilt departments and external insurance brokers and carriers to ensure the Institution has adequate types and amounts of insurance coverage. Using robust claim trend analysis and market research, the team advises departments on opportunities to reduce claims, mitigate risk and ensure appropriate insurance coverage is in place. RIM is also responsible for the oversight and administration of the Protection of Minors policy and working with departments to implement practices to safeguard minors in all university operations and facilities.

Key Functions and Expected Performance:

  • Develops Institutional compliance program
  • With compliance liaisons, promote compliance awareness and
  • Develops compliance monitoring program working with RIM and compliance liaisons to ensure that relevant laws and regulations are being monitored and that appropriate policies and processes have been established and communicated to applicable members of the Vanderbilt community.
  • Advises and monitors compliance liaisons as they develop plans and priorities to ensure that compliance deficiencies are addressed in a timely
  • Implements and administers the Vanderbilt University Compliance Reporting
  • Identifies policy concerns that impede
  • Monitors developments in compliance requirements and, when necessary, facilitates coordination of efforts to address new or modified compliance requirements, particularly when compliance responsibilities are shared amongst separate departments, schools or
  • Supports the Executive Compliance 

Supervisory Relationships:

This position does not have supervisory responsibility, this position reports administratively and functionally to the Senior Director for RIM.

Education and Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree is
  • Law degree, Master of Business Administration degree or Higher Education Administration is preferred.
  • Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) is preferred.

Experience and Skills:

  • Minimum of four years of experience is necessary.
  • Law, audit, or compliance experience in higher education experience is preferred

Key Characteristics of a Successful Team Member in this Work Unit:

  1. Ability to work independently and drive implementation of a new program
  2. High level of effective communications via verbal, written and presentation skill with executives, supervisors and clients
  3. Creative thinking/problem solving skills
  4. High level of integrity
  5. Relationship building/team player
  6. Organization and program/project management skills

JCAT: n/a



JCODE: 26009

HR ASSIGNER: T. Brown, A. Hodge


DATE: 12/19/2022




13211 Delafield Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250
Phone: (215) 688 – 8409 [email protected]

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