“Diversity is much broader than just race and gender, encompassing many characteristics that are below the surface. Appreciating diversity is only half of the process, the other half is inclusion. Diversity is about recognition and inclusion is about integration. True diversity cannot be achieved without the practice of inclusion.”


– Dr. Edward Scott

Director of Athletics – Morgan St. University

“Diversity is critical when striving to achieve excellence within an organization because there is tremendous value when various insights are represented. Learning from each other facilitates creativity, collaboration and productivity with a wider range of skills towards reaching strategic goals.”

Tamica Smith Jones

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, UC Riverside 

"Diversity and inclusion is a vital part of healthy organizations. Developing, executing and evaluating a thoughtful plan that involves members of your community is key to creating an inclusive environment. At Delaware we strive for this to simply become a part of who we are and it is in our DNA.”

Chrissi Rawak

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreation Services,
University of Delaware

Hawthorne, CA 
Phone: (310) 729 - 2904

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