When you’re the manager of an organization, it’s your job to make sure the company runs smoothly and that everyone has what they need to get their jobs done well. From hiring to training to decision-making, there are numerous aspects of leading your team that requires careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. However, one area that often gets neglected is team building – how do you go about finding and hiring the right people who can work together effectively?

Don’t Fear Getting the Wrong Person

Hiring a bad employee is a lot more damaging than hiring someone who isn’t ideally suited for their role. If you want to hire great employees, don’t be afraid of hiring people who aren’t exactly right for their role. A bad fit might not be as much of a threat as it sounds—especially if they seem like they could develop into an asset. Just try to find out what kind of employee they will be in six months or so (and make sure you document that thought process), and look out for your new hires’ long-term potential and work ethic.

Personality Comes First, Skills Second

Businesses are made up of people. And as much as we love our brawny engineers, our marketing powerhouses, and our social media specialists, personality is key in choosing which team members will thrive at your startup. Keep these guidelines in mind when interviewing candidates so you can ensure you have a well-rounded team with varied skill sets. Bonus points if their personalities mesh with yours! A perfect candidate might be one who asks smart questions—but knows when not to ask them or how to ask tactfully. Someone who does not tiptoe around problems or ignore sensitive issues; someone who embraces difficult conversations and ultimately has clear thinking skills that help them make faster decisions under pressure. Someone you get along with personally (or can learn to).

Avoid Hiring in Your Own Image

After you’ve set your interview questions, it’s time to get a group of peers together and start interviewing. A word of warning: avoid hiring in your own image. Look for qualities in team members that are missing from your skillset. For example, if you’re hands-off with employees or organizationally challenged, hire someone who is hands-on and organized. The best team members aren’t clones of their managers but rather individuals who bring out different aspects of their leaders’ skill sets. This will help ensure that you hire competent managers as well as competent team members—and keep everyone happy along the way.

Beware Of ‘Yes’ People

The interview process is your first opportunity to see how potential candidates think on their feet. When hiring a team, you’ll want individuals who can make well-reasoned decisions and defend them effectively—so be wary of candidates who provide you with only yes answers. Even better, ask them questions they might not have prepared for and pay attention to how they handle themselves. You’re looking for independent thinkers that will call out issues and constructively solve problems; look at it as a challenge of leadership rather than intelligence or ability. Do not hire people who always agree with you – these employees will not be effective members of your team and may slow down decision-making processes in your company.

No One Is Perfect – Know When to Let Go

Any hiring process is going to have flaws. Before you decide that you need a brand new employee, take some time to consider whether you can’t get by with a little help from your friends. Maybe there’s a colleague who could pick up your work occasionally or even fill in on an extended leave. You may think they’re not perfect, but you should also know that no one will ever be able to do everything perfectly—and good enough is often better than perfection. If your colleague isn’t up for more responsibilities, don’t hesitate to look beyond your own office walls and contact recruiters who specialize in hiring freelancers; sometimes, having someone else lead your recruitment search is just what you need when it comes time to fill that perfect role.


You must never settle when hiring a new employee. To create a world-class team, it is essential that you hire only people who will add value and improve your organization. With careful consideration and attention to detail, you can ensure that all of your employees are productive and helpful additions to your team. Remember, if you want to build something great, start with people who share in your vision.