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About Herb Courtney

Herb has been involved with intercollegiate athletics for over 15 years, seven of those years as a division 1 assistant coach. During this time, Herb has developed significant relationships with athletic directors and coaches. Herb keeps his ear to the ground in the minority coaching community and makes it a priority to continue to develop relationships within the coaching community.

Before Herb’s time in coaching, he was a very successful recruiter and Sales Manager for an IT recruiting firm, building relationships and a sales territory within the healthcare space in Philadelphia. Having the coaching background, along with the corporate recruiting experience, makes him uniquely qualified to serve his clients in athletics.

Herb is very passionate about diversity and ethics in sports. At RSC, we want to make sure qualified individuals are getting opportunities to lead in college athletics. With Herb’s experience in college athletics and recruiting, he has a unique feel to who would be ideal candidates that would fit each client’s culture and needs. He will bring a high level of integrity, confidentiality, and expertise while working with hiring institutions to help them through the search process.

Herb can be reached at or via LinkedIn.

Hawthorne, CA 
Phone: (310) 729 - 2904

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