Executive Search and Consulting Services

Why do I need TO consult with
a search firm?

At Renaissance we assemble the best diverse talent pool of candidates that fit your organization. We work closely with you to understand your needs, your community, your ethos so each candidate pool is specially crafted to your organization. Our talent resources go beyond interviewing and background checks. We work with organizations to create clear strategies to recruit and retain top talent.

What I Can Help You With?

Our Search Practices:

Higher Education

Athletic Administration

Athletic Coaching



Focused Insights

A deeper understanding of your company and its culture

identification of real or perceived opportunities, needs, and potential risks/challenges

Effective candidate acquisition strategy

Better feedback that challenges conventional wisdom and “pushes back” where appropriate

Richer perspective in candidate assessment and candidate recruitment

Trusted Partner 

An accurate portrayal of your company and opportunity

Ability to connect with candidates and align their goals to yours

Professional representation of you in the marketplace

Open, honest dialogue

Discreet and professional inquires 

Tailored Delivery

Execute a transparent, well-organized process

Forge deeper relationships with you and the candidates

Focus on objective filtering of candidates to build the “right candidates” pool

Promote communications that always inform and never surprise

Make adjustments that meet the unique demands of your search

RSC Cares

Desire and ultimate ability to “get it right”

Assurance to tell you what we can and cannot do then follow through

Ability to provide objective insights

Commitment of intellectual curiosity in all aspects of your search

Pledge to take your unique situation personally

The RSC Path to Success

Expand your network, pipeline, and knowledge of current equitable hiring practices within your industry.

 In our search practice we make sure candidates from all backgrounds have access and opportunity. We believe, if you start with a diverse candidate pool, the best candidate that fits your organizational culture will be selected.

Have an Active Vision and Strategy to Reach Your Workforce Goals

During our strategy consultation calls, we evaluate all your workforce needs and come up with a strategy and timeframe in which to implement the roadmap and measure the results. 


Hawthorne, CA 
Phone: (310) 729 - 2904

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